Survey Monkey

Last week I asked for guesses about the value of Survey Monkey.  The value is $2bn, according to the Wall Street Journal.  (It’s not quoted on any stock exchange, but this is the value implied by recent investments in the company.)  Well, it’s a nicely designed website I suppose.

While I’m in this cynical mood, I noticed something funny about Facebook.  If you remember, a while ago I said that the number of searches relating to Facebook had fallen dramatically.  It’s also possible to find out the countries where people are most likely to search for Facebook.  They are (in order) Turkey, Tunisia, Venezuela, Algeria, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia.

Is the implication that Facebook is going out of fashion in the rich Western countries, while remaining popular in poorer countries that got Internet access more recently?  If so that’s worrying for Facebook: poorer customers mean less advertising revenue, and because technology trends tend to start in the West, the problems may spread.

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